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Babbi, the art of selection

Our passion for excellence is unwavering.

We meticulously select the pistachios that deserve to become Babbi Pistachios.
And then we process them with extreme care and craftsmanship, to respect the confectionery tradition handed down by Nonno Attilio, who founded the company in 1952.

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Pistachio spread with a strong flavour and a fine, delicate texture, perfect on bread slices and ideal for filling or decorating desserts.



A fragrant wafer and a perfectly refined pistachio cream: these are the secrets that make Babbi Wafer products special.



Milk chocolate pralines with a delicate Pistachio heart.



A precious Pistacchio Verde di Bronte DOP heart covered with a delicate layer of white chocolate and finely candied.

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Fior di Pistacchio

Tartlets with Cremadelizia Pistacchio and berries

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iFood e Un’americana tra gli orsi

Cocoa and Cremadelizia Pistacchio Kisses

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Eat Cook e Lovis

Pistachio ice cream with cocoa biscuit

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